Monday, December 5, 2011

Samsung and Google announce Galaxy Nexus pentaband Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota
All of their "thin" smartphones have ugly bulbs of thickness which is thicker than iPhone 4/4S.

This is why court in UK said that Samsung's claim that they have "thinnest" smartphone on the market is lie. The only honestly thinnest smartphone for now is iPhone 4/4S (thanks for outer/frame antenna design).

As to specifications of Galaxy Nexus:

0) the screen is finally does not lag; it is now Retina class in clarity/details/resolution;

1) obviously too huge to use as actual phone; it is more like small tablet.

2) you always have to think which side you are going to put the GN in your bag or your huge jacket pocket: because if the side is wrong, it will fit horrible. However, if the side is right, then this device will fit much better than other huge 4.3-4.7" devices.

3) picture on the screen is always going to be distorted by the "curviness" unless you look at it right from the front;

4) SoC have weak graphics (it is not new GPU, it was already tested);

5) photo/video camera is weak (and I do not mean mere megapixel count, which, by itself, does not really mean much);

6) No support of BlueTooth 4.0;

7) NFC is a plus, though it is barely usable in practice for now, so not real competitive advantage;

8) Barometer -- can be useful to some people, though again not a serious competitive advantage.

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