Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nokia N9 PR 1.1 update rolling out with Swype keyboard

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Summary: One reason I pulled the trigger on my own N9 at Nokia World was the demo of the PR 1.1 update that added several new features and the Swype keyboard. The update is now rolling out to handsets.

After checking out the PR 1.1 update that was loaded on the white Nokia N9 at Nokia World a few weeks ago I ordered my own cyan (blue) N9 on ebay right there from the show floor. I was impressed that Nokia was adding features and fixing things so quickly on the N9 and it gave me the confidence boost I needed to buy the N9 on ebay. Nokia announced that the PR 1.1 update started rolling out today across the world. My battery will probably go dead today as I hit the software update refresh button every few minutes.

I am very excited for the N9 update primarily due to the addition of the Swype keyboard, Twitter photo upload support, and music controls on the lock screen. I find the keyboard on the Windows Phone Lumia 800 to be better, but I can also fly with Swype so am looking forward to switching to this input method soon. Othere features in the change log include:

NFC tag reading to instantly interact with NFC tagsMusic controls on lock screenPhoto and video shooting with color filters: black & white, sepia, vivid, negative, solarizeMore powerful multitasking with improved memory handlingSwype for fast typingFaster MfE synch, synchronizing only active foldersNoice cancellation reduces background noise so that your friends hear you betterClose apps easily with swiping down (You can toggle this on and off now, but will be on by default now)New indicators for standby screen like charging and calendarYou can now upload pictures to Twitter directly through the ’sharing’ function

What are you looking forward to seeing in this latest update?

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