Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MixRadio on Nokia Lumia is powered by EchoNest

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Summary: We saw Nokia Music as a differentiator on Nokia Windows Phone devices and today we learn a bit more about what powers the MixRadio part of the utility.

After attending Nokia World and checking out the new Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 devices I wrote about why Nokia Windows Phone devices are unique and included a discussion of Nokia Music and MixRadio. Today, we received details that EchoNest powers MixRadio on these Windows Phone devices.

Nokia Music is currently not on the evaluation Lumia 800 devices we have and the service is dependent on the geographic region where the phones are available. I had the chance to use the Nokia Music and MixRadio features at Nokia World and MixRadio is a lot like Spotify, Slacker Radio, Rdio, and others where you can stream or download music for offline listening. The MAJOR difference is that these services each cost $10/month while MixRadio will be available for free on Nokia Windows Phone devices.

Here is what the experience is like when you first get a Lumia smartphone:

After a customer unboxes a Nokia Lumia smartphone, MixRadio analyzes the customer’s digital music collection with a lightweight browser app to generate custom streaming radio stations on the phone. MixRadio builds an ever-evolving user taste profile to sculpt programming from Nokia’s catalog of over 15 million songs. Based on the Taste Profile, MixRadio offers personalized stations in a variety of genres and allows users to make customized stations based on any artist or song. Under the hood, all of these features are powered by The Echo Nest’s music intelligence platform.

You can download about 15 hours of music for offline listening with MixRadio.

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